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UK Tour with Mike Card September 2012....missing home.

Headed to Abbey Road Church London on the 27th. Mike has used Abbey Road Studios in the past for previous albums so this is a welcome return to this part of London.

A View from The Franklin Table....September

(from LLF) Dear friends, I’ve had several inquiries about the sermon that was referenced in my last update from the Franklin Table and thought that you may enjoy listening to it as well.



UK Tour with Mike Card September 2012...loving this beautiful country.


Great concert at Alderhot Chapel today…headed to The Gate Arts & Community Centre in Cardiff on Friday. Loving this beautiful country…


On Tour...border of Scotland


Just got back from a visit to the Roman ruins on the border of Scotland....Romans in the English hills while the Apostle John was still alive...remarkable!

UK Tour with Mike Card September 2012

Mike Card and I are in England over most of September... To root for Man United or Man City... That is the real question in this wonderful English town... Pray that Mike and I can learn the difference? 

Cover the Sewers

I recently spent time with some Salvation Army folks and was impressed with their commitment to serve the poor... something many Christian orgs don't do. Their founder was known to make the statement that he and the Army wanted to put a screen or net over the mouth of the sewers in his town to catch, help and give hope to the poorest of the poor... that is a mission worth talking about and getting involved with! They also were way a head of the current thrift-store movement and have helped countless people over their long history...