A View From The Franklin Table; I have become fascinated with the ideas...

Dear Table Nation,

I have become fascinated with the ideas brought by Dr. Michael Emerson and Dr. Michelle Alexander's writings concerning the fact that we as a society have developed a track record of incarcerating people who are addicts and actually need recovery programs and rehab, not prison time. Jailing drug offenders doesn't sound so bad at first but with examination I believe there is concern that we should readdress the process... especially here in Franklin and in Williamson County.

The 21st Drug Court of Williamson County is doing something about it and I am excited to support Judge Tim Easter, Marianne Schrorer and Rev. Vona Wilson as they pursue a process for inmates who should be in drug and alcohol rehab to get reassigned and find freedom from their addictions... this is good for all our citizens and especially the relatives of those who are trying to make their lives better!

I wonder if we all could get more involved with this work... maybe look at supporting the 21st Drug Court with our Time, Talent and Treasure!

Rev. Scott Roley
Director, The Franklin Table
959 Glass Street
Franklin, TN 37064

I look forward as Jesus leads us ..."acting in line with the truth of the Gospel."   Galatians 2:14 
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