About Scott Roley

There’s something special about the way Scott Roley tells a story - it hits you in several places all at once: your heart, your mind, and your gut. He can make you cry, and then laugh inside of two minutes, and you walk away considering your own walk of faith and what it means to those around you.

As a founding member of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, Scott served for over 25 yars in various capacities including Senior Pastor, and Pastor of Community Life and Missional Living. Scott resigned his position as Senior Pastor in the fall of 2011 to pursue his call to racial reconcilation full time.

Based on his experiences in local mercy ministry, Roley authored God’s Neighborhood: a Hopeful Journey in Racial Reconciliation & Community Renewal which traces his personal call to racial reconciliation and community renewal and shares the powerful narrative journey of a white pastor’s identification within an African-American community. He followed that book with its sequel, Hard Bargain, A Beautiful Place to Live. He is also author of The Will of the Nation: a Fishing Journal , full of stories and descriptions of Scott’s fly fishing adventures.

Scott helped pioneer a unique redevelopment project in Hard Bargain, a low-income residential neighborhood in Franklin. The vision is to provide work force homes for purchase, thus transforming a 100-year-old neighborhood into a vibrant community. The aim is to revitalize a specific area, while keeping its residents intact and enhancing this piece of Franklin, Tennessee’s history.

Roley’s life-long love for music developed into another integral part of his ministry throughout the years. He has released eleven recordings of his own and has co-written songs on numerous projects. He continues to write music and perform on occasion.

Roley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bannockburn College and is completing a Masters of Divinity degree from Whitefield Theological Seminary. He also attended DePauw University in Indiana and Spring Arbor University in Michigan.

Scott and his wife, Linda, live in Franklin and have five children: Michelle, Matthew, Emily, Jeffrey, and Samuel; as well as six grand-children.

For more information, contact Scott at scott@scottroley.com or 615.642.7428