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The Franklin Table

We have a lot going on in and around The Franklin Table... I've read a great book by Michelle Alexander called The New Jim Crow which charts (through research) the growth of the prison population in America which went from 300k to 3m in five years... under the good name of the 'war on drugs'... here in Hard Bargain we see the devastating impact of people serving jail sentences for possesion and use (an addictive illness) against the rightful incarceration of law breakers who push and sell the stuff. I will have more on that and related subjects coming up...


How would it affect our relationships if our Religion was kindness?

New Neighbors in Hard Bargain

Saturday's ribbon cutting was glorious. We are so happy for Derrick & Marquita Solomon! Proud owners of a beautiful new home. 

Interview with Voice in My Head Podcast...

My friend Rick Lee James called and we had a great conversation.

Bamboo Flyrods

I was fishing on the Watagua River last week with Forrest Reynolds and in the middle of our float, on a particular back cast, I broke my beloved Justin Charles Bamboo Flyrod... It was my favorite... My friend Bill Deaton, who turned me onto Bamboo rods, immediately loaned my his Granger Victory a fantastic rod built in 1936... I also was able, again with Bill's help, to take Bamby (my affectionate name for the JC) to Richard Tyree's shop near the Nashville Moter Speedway where Richard agreed to fix the busted rod! I am fortunate to have friends who know about these things...

Michael Emerson

Dr. Emerson spoke to the NHA board last week and mentioned a book I want us all to read... Written by Michelle Alexander and titled... The New Jim Crow... It's subtitle is... Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Colorblindness... The book strikes at a continuing trend in race relations in our Country... Namely that we should be colorblind... That is a bad idea... What we ought be is ... Celebrating the amazing diversity God has brought to our remarkable Continent and Country... Colorblindness seems to be an attempt to level the playing field without bringing in the bull dozier...

Getting Dirty is Joyful

Dear Friends of SRM,
I read somewhere or once dreamed a dream where I was all put out because I thought life was to be nothing but joyful...can anyone relate? Waking up from the dream or remembering the story... became a bummer because I had to dive into my work which was messy and dirty! It did not have the look of Joy at all... What happened next shocked me...the work I was called to do brought me joy... and peace and I felt loved... Imagine that!

Last concert

Friends of SRM,
Thanks for all the prayers over the past several months... Mike Card and I have enjoyed playing our songs and talking about Jesus... What a blessed job I have! Keep praying as Mike finishes his new Biblical Imagination series book on the Gospel of Matthew... And for me as I dive head on into Community Development initiatives through The Franklin Table... Let me know how I can pray for you and have a blessed summer!


The Franklin Table wants to thank Starbucks Coffee for all the wonderful goodies which were distributed at the event today... The program was full of wonderful music and performers! All who came had a great time and I am so grateful to neighbors who truly understand community and give themselves to each other!

Crucifixion and Resurrection

We spend each day negotiating between the bad things that occur... which are the crucifixions of our life... or the tough moments which bring us down. In those circumstances we know the ones who crucify us and also the ones we crucify. But at the same time... we experience resurrection... the good things or the victories of our lives! These are the unexpectd joyous moments which show up and give our hearts and lives a lift. They both are critical to the balance of our lives... We must experience crucifixtion and resurrection just as Jesus did.