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Prayer, Peace and Faith...

Spent time in the office today planning for 2013 and looking forward to a more concerted effort to commit our time to prayer. Reading through Philippians 4:6-7 and finding great confidence and joy in its certainty…, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Scott Roley and Friends at The Franklin Merc...December 14

You’re invited to The New Moon Celebration…Friday, December 14 (7-9p.m.). Come join Scott Roley and friends, Andy Selby and Daniel Fisher at The Franklin Mercantile. Scott will be playing some ol’ standards as well as a few freshly penned favorites. Bring a friend and enjoy a great evening!

Thankful for The Gospel

I am thankful for the Gospel! In the midst of both crisis and the ho hum of everyday life I consistently ask myself, “Why does it take so long before I’ll pray”? Why do I strategize about what to do or how to act in a disciplined way, when my clear need is met in the Gospel? What I am subtly doing is turning my heart and those around me away from the Gospel and the power of God’s Word.

Support the mission of I2

Mark McFerran and I met to talk about the very successful evangelistic work known as I Am Second (I2). Mark is a huge supporter of the mission of I2 and has become a help with TFT.


The Synago Pastors meeting this month was a great success as we hosted Tom White an international prayer leader who challenged our Middle Tennessee Churches to come together more and more to pray for revival and unity among the Believers in our area. These prayer groups or Village Fires as Tom calls them, help unite the Church across Denominational, Ethnic and Economic divisions.

A View From The Franklin Table

Dear Table Nation, 

Concert in Syracuse, IN

Looking forward to the concert this weekend with Mike Card and the great people in Syracuse, IN at Quaker Haven Camp. Prayers appreciated...