Thankful for The Gospel

I am thankful for the Gospel! In the midst of both crisis and the ho hum of everyday life I consistently ask myself, “Why does it take so long before I’ll pray”? Why do I strategize about what to do or how to act in a disciplined way, when my clear need is met in the Gospel? What I am subtly doing is turning my heart and those around me away from the Gospel and the power of God’s Word. In other words—I want to figure it all out without God’s help. Consciously I believe the Gospel has been central to me because it brought saving faith; but at times the Gospel seems to no longer excite me in my day-to-day life transformation. Is it the Gospel or my ability to think straight that changes me? I don’t mean to say we are only to act out of a faith that leaves our senses and gifts on the sidelines, but I also want the primary way of realizing my hope and confidence that I am growing to be solidly anchored in Jesus. That has to be the Gospel. D.A. Carson said, “The Gospel, Biblically and richly understood, ought to shape everything we do in the local church, all of our ethics and all of our priorities.”

Friends, as we move forward through the coming week let’s examine our tendencies to run to sources other than the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. If we are dry, or on the other extreme excited about self help techniques, we might want to stop and pray. Start trusting Jesus in the power of the Gospel to settle our hearts and give us the joy of pursuing in faith the depth of the love of Christ. He is transforming His Creation, Culture and People and His relational power extends from the Gospel.