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What Does It Mean To Be Presbyterian?

Recently we asked the Congregation to submit any questions they have about our church to our Session Clerk John Giffen. We assured congregants that there was no question too simple or complex. The intent was to encourage our people to seek out explanation for why we do things the way we do and how we are governed. We also sought to open conversation among our Session and congregants in an effort to improve relationships. John has received several questions and will begin answering one per week via his blog on our website.

A Call To Prayer: As we enter the summer and the temperatures soar...

I am reminded in prayer how quickly our lives change direction. We are in the midst of a millennial flood one moment and in excruciating drought the next. As we continue to pray for the Church’s direction, it is clear our vision is becoming more focused. Like all institutions C3 is facing some critical financial challenges which have driven the leadership to take a deep look at the foundational values of our ministries that have stood for twenty-four years. Keep praying as we pursue simplification, clarification, and edification in the way we run the Church.

A Call To Prayer

Dear Family of Faith,

My prayer time this week has been full of questions about our society.  Asking the Lord, why do I take as eternal so much of what has  no real significance and then cast aside so easily that which is for all eternity?  For instance, my comfort and self controlled happiness.  Because of the Gospel I am content in Christ alone but I live as though my comfort is all that matters and is in my hands.  The True and Real comfort of spending time with Jesus is passed over for the need to control my surroundings. 

Rest and be thankful

I am taking some time off to recharge after an amazingly difficult month;  I can’t remember more consistent opportunities to meet the real needs of God’s people.  Jesus’ Kingdom work is all around us.  It is really no different than any other month, it just seems that way because of so much devastation from the flood and the emotional wreckage from the sudden deaths of loved ones.  I am especially thankful in my prayers this week for you, a family of faith where rolling up your sleeves and weeping as you work is the standard...that praying prayers, holding hands and cleaning floors is consi

Looking Forward

I have been meeting with a group of Pastors and Christian lay leaders twice a week for prayer and hang-out time since November of 1994. This fall marks the sixteenth year we have met as the Empty Hands Fellowship. It all started in the downtown Franklin MacDonald’s Play Land. We were broken Christian men without a lot of connections across racial, economic and denominational lines. We would gather on Wednesday mornings to pray as we drank coffee and ate fast food. Our prayers through all those years were for God’s transforming power to change our City.

Love is Kind

Several days ago I was awakened at four  in the morning to the sights and sounds of seven police cars outside my front door.  That is not as uncommon in Hard Bargain as in other areas of town simply because we have a street drug problem.  Sellers and buyers congregate on occasion on Glass St. and deals are made.  I walked outside in my flip flops and pajamas asking the officers what was going on.  They told me that there was a drug bust in progress and they were walking with flashlights up and down Glass St.

God's Overflowing Grace

As we continue to dig ourselves out of the most severe flood in Middle Tennessee history our faith and spirits have never been higher.  I am amazed at the outpouring of love and care towards those who lost so much.  The goodness of God and the story of His presence even in our most difficult circumstances is being told over and over again.  We are seeing first hand a demonstration of the Gospel as all of us work together proving Christ’s deep love. 

SRM (Scott Roley Music)

Someone once asked me what my favorite song that I’ve written was? That is a great question because after writing four hundred songs all of them have some connection or emotional meaning. But I actually do have a song that I am especially proud of. Interestingly, I would say my favorite song is really the song my wife Linda most loves. It’s title, To Keep Me Struggling On, came from a Bible verse where the Apostle Paul confessed that He struggled with faith off and on in his life.

Middle Tennessee Flood of 2010

I hope today finds you in tune with the Spirit of Christ and wading into the Kingdom. All of us are grateful to the Lord that we are safe and have survived this monumental and catastrophic event. In the weather history of Middle Tennessee our two day rain total of 15" on May 1st and 2nd is a record. What an amazing 48 hours we have endured and we are still counting!

Music City Half Marathon

I finished the Music City Half Marathon this past weekend and continue to recover slowly.  I think I have spent the last twenty four hours in a tub of ice.  Both my knee and hip replacements throb constantly and my hope is that I didn’t do either of them permanent damage.  As you know I projected  I would simply walk five miles on the course and then stop at a nice outdoor restaurant to chill.  What I failed to remember was there are no places open along the route at seven in the morning.  My slight miscalculation really turned into the incentive to keep going and just finish the WOG.  A WO