Virginia Melody

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1975 - Albrecht and Roley (Albrecht and Roley) Airborn Records

I still remember When I first met you 
It was so many years ago 
In a small town Northwest Virginia 
Where the laurel and dogwood grow 
It was the last days Of November 
The leaves you held were crimson gold 
In the wind I still remember 
The forest sensed you and no one told

I would chase you Down by the river 
I'd sing your name out and go rushing in 
Never knowing What danger lurked there 
Never caring that I could not swim 
My days with you Were always happy 
Then my memory becomes unclear 
It seems I lost you Not by the river 
But when I finally learned to fear

I would stroll down Beneath the cottonwoods 
Learning to walk in cadence with your rhyme 
What joy to find Your simple rhythm 
Has taken over and is guiding mine 
I was only Just a boy then 
By a stroke of luck I'm now a man 
So much older Yet not wiser 
Lord help me be a child again