A View from the Franklin Table

Dear Table Nation,

It has been over a month since my last report and I am very excited about the work the Lord is doing through all of you as you support The Franklin Table... I have just returned from two weeks in Italy and one week in Israel. Michael Card and I were able to film two shows for the Day of Discovery program on the Ion network focusing on Mike's writings on the Gospel of Mark and a new book we are writing for IVP on Spiritual Friendship. Please pray the Lord uses these videos to build His Kingdom!

Here in the neighborhood we are experiencing wonderful success with the housing initiative as the Hard Bargain Mt. Hope Redevelopment completes its fifth house... and Big John is ready to move into his new house very soon! I am still working with Kevin Riggs and the Jobs For Life folks with several people from the neighborhood preparing for the classes. The Empty Hands Fellowship has moved back into McCreary's pub... so come out and join us at eight am every Wednesday morning.  Thanks to Natasha for giving us a place to meet that has meant so much to us over the years!

I am excited to be working with Lisa Frazier as she continues pursuing her ministry calling. We both are joining The Red Road team in order to support their amazing ministry among North American Native people. I am working with the City of Franklin's Police Department as a member of the local clergy interested in crime prevention. Shepherding the Next Generation, New Hope Academy, Mercy Children's Clinic and other ministries continue to grow as all of you have been generous in supporting them. We continue to learn more about Neighbor Love and how God wants us to connect over our differences... Celebrating our diversity!

We are thankful and grateful for your giving to the work of The Franklin Table and want you to know we cannot do the ministry without your prayers and financial support. One of our rallying cries is to 'Take Someone With You' ... let me challenge you by asking how you are doing... investing in the lives of those God has placed within reach?

Blessings to all of you as we pray for 2012 to be a year full of God's Grace, Peace, Mercy and Love!