Unseen Friend

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1975 - Albrecht and Roley (Albrecht and Roley) Airborn Records

I've walked alone Down miles of empty highway 
Dreamed of castles And kingdoms I might find 
A man can dream 
It doesn't mean he's going to see tomorrow 
That's why I'm thanking you 
For one day at a time

I chased a falling star 
And held a four leaf clover 
I'd bet my life away 
To help the sun go down 
I've lost it all before 
Then won the world forever 
When I found my circle of love 
Was not so big around

I lived my life like thunder 
Then I fell in love with you 
I didn't want to stay forever 
I know now that's what I'm going to do 
The road of life is rocky 
It's a mountain that I've got to climb 
With an unseen friend that helps me now and then 
I'm going to make it to the end of time