Ted’s Song

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1973 - Aslan (Aslan) Airborn Records

Wish I had your here to talk to
Together, I can face this world
But it's lonely being here without you by my side

Who can know what the future holds?
What tomorrow may bring?
I don't know why those flowers grow

You keep saying this Jesus loves me
That He really cares about today and tomorrow
Well then, why do I fear?
You say He died so I could be free

Tomorrow is the day I'll leave you
And like the sunrise, I'll be gone
Now I've turned to the Lord
The strength to carry on

I don't know my future holds
What tomorrow may bring
But I've learned why those flowers grow

You see Jesus love me and I know he really cares
About today, tomorrow and
He's calmed all my fears
And I believe He set me free

We sing about this man called Jesus
And I know you've heard the story before
This time open your heart
Listen one time more

My Lord know what the future holds
What tomorrow will bring
It's in His hands that those flowers grow
But you know, He loves you
He really cares
About today, tomorrow
Let Him calm all your fears
Jesus died so you could be free
Accept His love, see reality