On My Way

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1973 - Aslan (Aslan) Airborn Records

Half starved I walked into town 
To rest a bit and then be on my way 
I saw him wave his hand 
An old Gospel singing man 
He said boy it's your lucky day

He asked me for my name 
I said it didn't matter 
I've got no place to go 
Come along with me 
The Lord will set you free 
Then picking up a banjo he sang 
I'm on my way

The Gospel singing man 
With the banjo in his hands 
Was as happy as a lark in May 
Now that I am kin 
To the one that brought us in 
I'm living in a home to stay 
I wander through the towns 
Singing for my supper 
While he's teaching me to play 
When the time comes 
For the Lord to be returning 
The banjo man will hear me say 
I'm on my way