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Lynda had to leave me on a love scholarship
but she's the one who got left behind
Said she hated going but she need the trip
I know what the girl had in mind

You had to go and lose me
in the wanderings of those angry eyes
You left because of what the people said
Even though they weren't right

You should have come and told me what you intended
Before you came and took my heart away
And left with such blueness
At the bottom of my day

Listen to me lady, can't you see that I'm hurt
I need the ease a woman can give
To spend our time together and invest in a life
That both you and I can live

I know it can get mellow
when the sun sinks into the deep blue sea
That's when I take her in my arms
And hold her close to me

I know the strength of the oceans's not mortal
But she can sure get a hold on me
And set me off to dreaming
the way that things will be

'Cause you can fly away
'Cause you can fly away
'Cause you can fly away
'Cause you can fly away