The Good Life

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1975 - Albrecht and Roley (Albrecht and Roley) Airborn Records

To lose oneself forever in the afterglow of life 
To wander over aimless paths 
down times that pass on by 
That lead you into yesterday 
then quickly disappear 
Through windowpanes of happiness 
my new life now appears

I feel fine with the good life 
Reflecting on the places I have been 
To realize that the good life 
Is not something that I do but what I am

Goodnight Lord I'm off the boat again 
I'm feeling like myself 
before a hundred thousand men 
Without a care or worry 
I confront the weathered crew 
I tell them all your sweet love story 
when they ask what they can do

Heed yourself to the far away roar 
The Lion won't wait long 
He holds the very breath of life 
And sings the sweetest song 
He grants to all that serve Him 
The power of His domain 
If by chance He calls you 
Hold fast to the golden mane