Further Up and Further In

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1975 - Albrecht and Roley (Albrecht and Roley) Airborn Records

I met my love in Birmingham 
On a cold November day 
With tears in eyes I realized 
I was home to stay 
My life was filled with sunlight 
As doubts were blown away 
He dried my tears two thousand years ago 
And every day

Lord when I think about tomorrow 
Running over mountains 
Further up and further in 
Lord I can’t wait until tomorrow 
It feels so fine to know you’re mine 
Each day that you begin

I came down to L.A. one day 
With my lady and best friend 
We started south of mammon 
But won’t be back again 
The road is straight and clear now 
The son shines bright ahead 
I felt the piercing pain of love 
As nails were driven in