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1975 - Albrecht and Roley (Albrecht and Roley) Airborn Records

You used to be there beside me lady
Both in my evening and in my day
And though you stood by me in all of my bad times
You helped through them in every way

Now i've got to go and search out more of the sunlight
I've got to do it on my own
This don't mean that I'll be leaving forever
I want to be sure you know

And when I find the light
That I am searching for
I'm gonna take it as my life
And you will still be for me

And now it's autumn with her leaves that are golden
The days are shorter and the nights are cold
I think it's time to say goodbye to my dancer
'cause I need you to hold

'Cause now it's time to reclaim your love
It's got to be that way
I need you through my nighttimes lady
As well as through my day

I know that we can make it lady
If only you will stay