Forty Years of Faith

Good morning friends,

I want to thank all of you for responding to the new site. Dan Wensley is a dear friend and brother and has dedicated tons of time and energy to make this work. I am grateful. I am also responding to his challenge. Anyone who really knows me understands my inability to type and function on a keyboard. Dan's taunting was cruel, like saying "look here," to a blind person. So, Dan, here I am, nearsighted, up on the high wire.

The real reason for writing is to thank Ron Kopicko, my college roomate, for reminding me that this week marks our fortieth year of life together in Christ. If my memory works at all, I'm fairly certain that Jesus converted us along with Howard Tryon, Steve Vanker and my brother Jeff sometime during the fall of 1968. My song, Further Up and Further In, which I stole from C.S.Lewis and recorded a nauseatingly three times (trying to get it right) begins with the words, "I met my love in Birmingham on a cold November day." That love was Jesus and I was living in Birmingham, Michigan, not Alabama, forty years ago.

I now live in Franklin, Tennessee where it isn't nearly as cold, but Jesus still warms my heart. In the midst of a fallen world with issues of life, war, and the economy rising all around us, it really doesn't feel so different from the sixties. My prayer for all of you, my friends and family, is that we stay close to Jesus and each other.

So goes my first Blog. Let me know what is of interest to you and I will keep you up on all that is going on in and around "Roley world." Hard Bargain has been our home base and neighborhood for ten years now where we are deeply settled in the Safe House on Glass Street. Obi (pronounced OBEE) still watches for the bad guys on three legs (I call him,Tripod) with only one eye. The battle for souls still rages all around my calling at C3, and the struggle to live a life of reconciliation, repentance and worship is the goal. I hope to be posting some new music and writing soon and would love your feedback.

Blessings and deep love,