Football, music and more

Family, friends and community,

Thank you all for the comments.  I actually can type, slowly.  However, I do miss writing with James.  He is a dear friend and we see each other at Church and on the golf course.  He is married to his wonderful Stacy and they have two beautiful kids, Harrison and Sophia.

I am proud of my favorite college football team, the fighting Artichokes of Scottsdale Community College, who defeated Pima College last Saturday night.  Our son Sam played on the special teams and is fully recovered from his broken hand, fractured earlier in the season.  Meanwhile, the DePauw University Tigers, the first college I dropped out of, upended the Wabash College Little Giants on Saturday afternoon to keep the coveted Monon Bell in Greencastle, In.  The game marked the 115th contest between the schools and with our win, we tied the series at 53-53-9.  The other distinction DPU carries is that in 1933 we were the last NCAA team to go unbeaten, untied and unscored upon.

News from Hard Bargain continues to revolve around the houses being built.  Someone asked, "Where do the poor go if they are gentrified out of a neighborhood?"  They often leave the City, County even the State.  They disappear.  It is unacceptable for us to let these vital neighbors go.  If you are interested in housing for the poor please look at the the Hard Bargain Mt. Hope Redevelopment site.  We just cut the ribbon on our second home and the two young African American boys who will live there with their mother were smiling ear to ear.  At the ceremony, I spoke of Denny Denson and how much he would love what was going on, (Denny was my dear friend who went to be with the Lord this summer) I mentioned how they could now both grow up to be President of the United States.  The whole crowd from the neighborhood cheered as we were struck with the reality of what can be accomplished if we work together and nobody cares about the credit.  We have an African American President-elect, what a wonderful time to be alive!

On the music front, I missed the Aslan reunion at Spring Arbor University, the second college I dropped out of, where the Old Man Worship Band (the remnants of Aslan)performed with Randy Stonehill.  The pictures from the event are shots mostly of old men, smiling, still whaling on their guitars.  Dr. Campbell looked wonderful.  Go hear more of the OMWB on their website.  Also, Michael Card and I wrote a new song called A Better Freedom, he has a new book by that title coming out soon, so look for that.

That's it for now.  Keep telling each other your secrets and talking to the Lord about your brokeness.  We are a forgiven people.

Blessings and deep love,