The Empty Hands Fellowship

Wednesday morning is a time I know where I will be each week... and have been each week since November of 1994... It is the weekly meeting of The Empty Hands Fellowship which has gone on regularly for almost eighteen years. These faithful followers of Christ have gathered all those times to just spend time together across boundaries of race, economics and denominations. With Nothing in our Hands we keep struggling on... trusting in our Savior's love to lead us... which He faithfully has and still does! Educational, Medical, Housing, Legal, Student Ministries, Food Programs as well as special projects, gatherings, revivals, prayer meetings, worship times and a host of other initiatives have sprung from the EHF... and over all those years these community development ministries have helped bring healing to our City and County...if you are free on a Wednesday morning come to McCreary's Pub on Main Street in Franklin... we meet at eight am and all are welcome.