Dear Table Nation, January 2013 update...

Dear Table Nation,

Recently we have moved our traditional Wednesday morning EHF meeting to Tuesday mornings... still at eight am and still at McCreary's Pub on Main Street in Franklin. The Fellowship has met on Wednesdays regularly since 1994 when Hewitt Sawyers and Chris Williamson and I began to drink coffee at the McDonalds on 96West... It was not called the Empty Hands Fellowship until 1997 when Bill Lane joined our 'happy few'... and gave us the name. We still maintain that any fellowship trying to cross race, economics and denominational hurdles must meet weekly to truly be effective. Please pray for this group of brothers as they work to find deep relationships in the midst of a busy and segregated world.

The Red Road continues its activism working on behalf of true North American Indian populations who are threatened by legal decisions which appear to support elected officials more than the people they serve... Also, as I meet with Charles Robinson, we are attempting to find places that want to hear more about Native Americans and the ongoing needs that surround this often overlooked people group... AND...TRR needs a new van so if anyone would like to donate one please let us know!

Synago member Dale Evrist's precious Mother passed away last week and our hearts go out to our dear brother and his family. Dale pastors the New Song Christian Fellowship in Franklin and is a strong supporter of TFT and all our related ministries...

Ken Turner is still doing great work from his headquarters in Dayton, Tn and he and I will be joined by Inky Johnson for a presentation on At Risk children in Indianapolis, Indiana this February, 22 and 23... Please be on the look out for any publicity about the event and come and join us!

This past Tuesday we attended a meeting of the 'I Am Second' campaign coming soon to Middle Tennessee. It is a wonderful tool to share faith in Christ and we would love to have all of you pray for a pouring out of God's Spirit and a true revival among believers as they share the Gospel in Word and Deed...

Local MLKjr celebrations included a presentation at Vanderbuilt University by author Dr. Michelle Alexander, a Vandy graduate who wrote the profound book, The New Jim Crow. She gave a strong key note address before a packed Langford Auditorium crowd, pushing out her thesis on Mass Incarcerations in the USA and how they have unknowingly contributed to racial and ethnic divisions.

My own remembrances of King's 'I Have A Dream' speech with my Dad from a spot near the reflecting pool at Lincoln's Memorial as a twelve year old came flooding back when she eloquently reminded the audience that MLK in '63 defined the fight for Human Rights quite differently than he did in '68 when he was shot down in Memphis.

Pray for my neighbor Sonny whose daughter is about to have her baby and for several other members of the community dealing with court appearances and financial needs. A huge thanks to all of you for the Christmas support, many of our neediest friends had a better Christmas because of your generosity! 

In Jesus,


Rev. Scott Roley
Director, The Franklin Table
959 Glass Street
Franklin, TN 37064

I look forward as Jesus leads us ..."acting in line with the truth of the Gospel."   Galatians 2:14

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