Dear friends and family of faith,

It has been a while since my last post.  The world has seen so much happen in such a short time.  OBL’s capture and death, the deadly outbreak of tornados unlike any in US history, the continual need to respond with love to earthquake victims still digging out in Japan and Haiti, the unfortunate miss-prediction of the end of the world and any number of other tragic moments that we are trying to put into perspective…  How all of this works in our struggle to believe and trust  God, who is good and leads us into righteousness, is sometimes difficult. 

I recently read a British theologian who said there are two types of people… one type sees the trees swaying in the wind and realizes the unseen breeze is what moves the limbs.  The other types says the waving branches are what causes the wind to blow.  We often do not see the power behind the events we want and hope to make sense of and so at one point must collapse in faith on Christ and trust that our God is at work even in the most unusual ways… He does not prevent us from going through such trials, even to our own eventual death but He certainly saves us through these events promising they will ultimately Glorify Him!

I am praying for you, my loved ones, to move closer in faith to Jesus and rely on His Holy Spirit to guide and comfort you… step outside and watch the trees blow and know the wind comes from Him and moves each mighty branch so that our hearts are stirred. 

Deep love,