Dear Beloved Community,

I trust we are all continuing to fast and pray seeking Jesus even as He seeks us, what a marvelous Spring this will be. I have been enjoying a recent assignment which centers on advocacy for Children At Risk. Pre-school care, especially for single moms and young kids, needs to continue in our State where the evidence is undeniable that when young moms get help with their pre-schoolers those kids grow up with a much better chance of making it than children left to go it with only a single working parent, which is why we consider those young ones At Risk in the first place. Please pray for us as this advocacy group continues appealing to Tennessee’s lawmakers to support existing programs designed to help those particular families and be courageous in building new programs that make a difference.

To me all of this comes from the Biblical mandate to work in the three institutions God has established to build a healthy and growing society. The Gospel transforms lives primarily through The Family, The Church and The Government. In his letter to the Romans, Paul lets us know that God created the authority structure we live under and that we are to submit to it out of love for Him (Romans 13). We are also charged with changing bad laws that offend God, especially when those laws expose the innocent to injustice. Paul also challenges us to pray for our leaders in his first letter to Timothy, his young son in the faith (1Timothy 2). Our prayers are vital to the process of expanding God’s Kingdom. We live in the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the United States--two Kingdoms that clash. Our allegiance is to both, but first to God.

My hope is that Jesus continues to strengthen our Families, Churches and Governments, transforming lives as we Worship, Care and Serve in His Kingdom. "Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen?" (Isaiah 58:6ff)

Blessings and deep love,