Celebrate Love

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1973 - Aslan (Aslan) Airborn Records

There are too many people 
Spread all over the land 
They don't see what's going on 
When will they understand? 
As they look for an answer 
And watch the foolish kings die 
He reigns for eternity 
Rejoice with me our King is alive

See the rise of a false son 
Brought by the master of hate 
We've been claimed by the righteous one 
Still the people won't wait 
They search for the answers and 
Watch their false gods die 
One God reigns through eternity 
Rejoice with me He is alive

I cry out to the Father 
Full of joy He returns 
I cry out from the pain of love 
So many people won't learn 
They reach out for the answers 
And watch the men of their times die 
One Man reigns through eternity 
Rejoice rejoice the Lord is alive

Rejoice rejoice the Lord has come In celebration of the Son