The Brush Street Sessions - MP3 Album

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1975 - Brush Street Sessions (Albrecht, Roley and Moore) Previously Unreleased

The Brush Street Sessions were recorded on a four track deck and mix in various rooms of the Roley residence on Brush Street in Madison Heights, Michigan. Although the recording was never released, it lead to the production of a "45rpm", containing Detroit (A side) and Shotgun (B side). The 45 received Albrecht, Roley and Moore's first airplay on local radio. Though both of these songs are included in The Brush Street Session as tracks 2 and 5, Bonus Tracks 11 and 12 were re-recorded in a 16 track studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan for the production of the 45.

1. All That I've Been Wanting to Do - Written by Mike Albrecht
2. Shotgun - Written by Scott Roley
3. Good Morning Birds - Written by Alan Moore
4. Startlighter - Written by Scott Roley
5. Detroit - Written by Alan Moore
6. Your Love Took Me In - Written by Scott Roley
7. Helplessly Hoping - Written by Stephen Stills
8. Chasin' the Rain - Written by Alan Moore
9. Whiskey - Written by Kenny Logins
10. Show Me Where to Go - Written by Scott Roley

Bonus Tracks

11. Detroit - Written by Alan Moore
12. Shotgun - Written by Scott Roley

Accoustic Guitars: Mike Albrecht, Scott Roley, Alan Moore
Bass Guitar: Alan Moore, Scott Roley
Electric Guitars: Mike Albrecht, Alan Moore
Drums: Jeff Roley