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You are very important to me. I'd love to talk with you. Maybe you could email me at, send me your email and phone number. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I hope we connect soon.

Scott, I was raised christian (catholic) my whole life. I no longer concider myself ""christian"" and I don't go to church. I just dropped by today to let you know that you and Michael Card have had an a big impact on my morals and daily life. Though it doesn't seem like I am a ""good"" person, I want you to know that you two HAVE made a difference in my life. For what it's worth, Thank you.

Thank you for the reminder of playing in Canton. That was a long time ago! Obviously, you are doing the most important work there is as a believer, to love God and your neighbor by protecting the innocent. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry until He comes for us or the need to love young people in crisis ends. S.

this is such a God-thing.
just today a brochure came in the mail. it was telling of the praises of 25 year celebration of a crisis pregnancy center. here in canton ohio.
it was i , along with jana demcheck and chris grubb that the Lord gave this vision to start this ministry. we decided to hold a concert to kick off some fundraising...we invited scott roley to lead that concert at high mill....scott~ it is still up and running and helping to save lives. thank you for your time and effort, talent and love for Jesus.
i thought i would ""google"" you and here you are.
blessing to you and your beautiful family.
lasting fruit in canton ohio


Thanks for playing the records and for taking time to check in. NYC is a long way from California. If you ever get to Nashville, look me up. God's blessings

Hi Scott--

Long-time fan from CA now in NYC.

I was a DJ and gave a lot of airplay to ""Carry It On"" and your songs remain on my iPod,
sandwiched between Alan Parson and Alice Cooper!

Having did the LP to CD transfer years ago, I look forward to receiving the CDs of
Starlighter, Take It To The People, and City Limits.

Peace in Him,


What a joy to remember our time in Birkenhead. Mike and I often talk about those days. I still have my train ticket stub from the Liverpool station. I think it has something to do with my love for the Beatles, I don't know... I am so proud of your mission and thankful to the Lord who keeps all of us within His reach. Let's keep working of behalf of the poor, living with them in proximity to injustice. Bless you, dear brother.

Hi Scott
Back in the late 80's I was 17 arranging concerts and missions around the Liverpool area and met with you and Michael Card in Birkenhead.

I got the cassette as the within my reach touched my heart.

The tape has long since been worn out, yet the song is still in my head and has been a bit of a bi-line on my life. It was great to find your website and see how much God has worked on your heart and is still at work in you.

Thank you for your inspiration to a teenager all those years ago!! I am now a missionary serving in Spain with my family and your lyrics are still real today.

God Bless

Tim Cobham

Thanks for all you have done for me. You continue to be faithful to your gifts and calling. You are such an inspiration. All those years together with Alzo, Mike A., You and Jeff were the best. Silence is Music, S.

Scott Roley,
You are still my hero!!


The site has been up for six months and we are getting great responses to it. We will try and keep it current. I hope you get to watch the Old Man video. I would like to know what you think of it. Blessings

Hey Don,
great to hear from you. Yes we can do that. Dan Wensley will help you.

Love your site. Always loved your music. Purchased download version of Take It To The People. Order number is 31. Had a problem ith my email account. Think your email with the temp pass was returned to you. Can you resend?

I will call you. Thank you for getting back in touch. You are still one of the most creative people I know. Sorry to hear about your Pops. Last month was the fortieth anniversary of my dad's death. I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father, amen! Blessings.

Thank you for the kind words. The weekend was what I needed. The anniversary of my father's birth and death put me in an emotional spin. You brothers were helpful in slowing down the vertigo. Bless you.

Scott, it was great meeting you at the Gospelman Conference this weekend and sharing supper Friday night. Your words about justice and social reconciliation hit me in totally unexpected ways. Discussion about the topic filled about two of the four hour drive back to Knoxville and East Tennessee for Rob Brown and me.

Thank you for your work, thank you for your witness, and thank you for being totally real and totally normal. I hope our paths cross again someday.

hey bro - in phoenix for my father's memorial service (john morrison baker, 1929-2009) using the hotel computer to try you-tubing the old guy worship band that tim hinz told me about when i called him about pops. hi to linda and much love never totally fading after more than 30 years... in '98 on a cross-country i spent a few pay-phone quarters in nashville one afternoon but didn't catch you home.

obviously too much to tell about life over these years, but with this one moment let me offer a glimpse of life as it matters today in one man's little part of the kingdom....on the website for whittier daily news, access the archives from my home-town newspaper for the names manuel grijalva (8/6/08) and john baker (4/4/09 & 4/12/09) and you'll know where and how god has me ministering to the people in the community.

the man mountain & i were jazzed to reconnect and plan a monthly call between cal & fla. couldn't reach terry birkett thru #s i have (dad was his childhood pastor)

mother of craig rasche from s.a. was @ memorial today. frank van valin spoke as did i. those are names you may recall. spoke to hubert wash by phone recently

i'm not on-line at all at home, mostly living system-less for years. didn't even check out your site much more than to know i wanted to say hello. but i did scroll down enough to see the name frank passic and get my mind blown. he was keyboard for the brotherhood quartet back when we were the last of the mohicans....this on a day when mention was made by many of the 2 decades of the light & life hour quartet, and two album covers from the '60s and '70s were among the other things displayed from my dad's life.

which also makes me think of - - - drink your johnnie walker red son. wow

anyway it's the middle of the night i'm far from home and this is all out of left field but praise be to god it might have taken most of these 55 years but i've finally become the man god wanted me to be so that i'm ready to be the only john baker remaining.

dad & i talked a lot these past years and he was mentor teacher and guide to me and to so many long distance through me. his death was sudden on a tuesday, and though it was not about himself but something in a whittier context, let me share something he said on that last monday night.... ""god buries his workmen but his work continues"".

tho i have no e-mail address, my cell, 562-686-2128 is something i freely share with any and all. if i have to weed out the weirdos or tolerate crank calls, i'm willing to do so in order that i don't miss that one who has nowhere else to turn, so feel free to keep the # around and share it at any time

I will bring the cokes and Arby's. Do you want a Jamoca shake?

hey buddy! can you bring some cokes with you tomorrow to the session?

Hey Gail,
You were right in the middle of a lot of these memories. Did you know Rod McLain is back?

Hi Rolls,
This was fun. See you.

Wow, thanks guys for being willing to help. I can hardly wait to hear those two songs again. Let me know how you want to receive the money. I can send via Paypal, check, money order, as you like. You work hard for your money, and even though it is only two tracks, I'd like to pay for them, so please do permit me to do so.

I have included my email above this time as I am not sure I did so last time. I have several accounts, if you are going to email the songs, gmail is probably the best way. The internet is an amazing tool.

Thanks again!



I really appreciate your music. I have only heard your solo release, Within My Reach, but it has been near and dear for many years. The problem is, I lost the cassette a couple of years back. I have thought about buying the download version of it but just don't have enough money for the whole thing. Is there anyway to make the songs available separately? If so, I would gladly pay the standard 0.99 for ""Really Fine Car"" and ""I Had a Job.""

Thanks again for the music.


AR&M did play in Muskegon at the time you mentioned. We had a strong following North of Grand Rapids and always enjoyed concerts in the Traverse City area. Thanks for taking the time to look me up. Please give Steve Cull my best. Tell him I'm still recording in basements. Pray for me this week. Mike Card and I are working on a new song/video project. We are hoping to put the results up on our web sites this spring.


Blessings and best wishes on your new assignment as pastor.

I was reminded of you and your music with your bandmates back in the 1970s when I saw some video footage of Michael Card and you from a few years back. I did a search to see if it was indeed the same Scott Roley from Albrecht, Roley, and Moore. And indeed, I guessed correctly! We've never met but once upon a time you guys did some recording in the basement recording studio of our old friend, Steve Cull, just north of Montague, Michigan. Was the band also in concert, maybe, at the Frauenthal in Muskegon? This would've been the very late 1970s, maybe even early 1980.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed visiting your website, listening to the music, and looking at the old photos. The history montage across the top is pretty cool!

Thanks for the kind words. I am such a blessed man to be included in a fmily like yours. Your gifts and talents as a musician are very inspiring to me. Your example of being a husband and father are even greater. I always look forward to coming West not only to see the kids and my sister, but to find you, Annie, Phil and Ben. I hope we can get together soon.

Hey Scott and Dan,

Nice work on the website - I looked at it when it was first put up, but hadn't checked back in until today. Thanks for being a great example to me all these years. I love you brother - Rick Kendall

Thank you for responding. I am glad we share the SAC and now SAU history. My brother Jeff Roley graduated right about then and is still in Michigan. He works with child and family placements through a great outfit called Eagle Village in Big Rapids. He is a fine musician and writer. His worship group is called the Old Man Worship Band and they play regularly at the W in GR. Thank you for remembering the song Eyes on the Clouds. It actually was the most popular of all the ARM recordings. I know anytime soon He could come walking through that door. Blessings

Thank you for reminding me of the Fox University date. It would have been between the Gently Flowing Feeling record released in 1977 and the Starlighter album released in '78. I remember the trip. We had a strong following in the Pacific Northwest. It is still odd to think of college students learning those songs. It is a great compliment to us to hear that. I will pray for your continued life in Christ and that the gospel is central to all you do. Blessings

I'm a Spring Arbor grad. I remember Aslan (a little) and especially the ARM music. I still sing the chorus of 'eyes on the clouds' in the shower. Did you have a brother or cousin named Jeff Roley? I think I knew him when I was at SAC from '68-72


I had just graduated from High School in 1978 and started college in the fall at George Fox (College) University in Newburg, Oregon. Albrecht Roley and Moore came through on what would've either been the Starlighter or ""Take It To The People"" tour. Which was it? Do you recall the date of the concert?

One of my best friends and I played your songs over and over, especially Holiday Son. He owned the albums; I guess he was one of the wealthier poor college students! All this to say I've not heard this music in 29 years. Thanks for posting the downloads!

Bruce Breckenridge
Happy Valley, Oregon


I've been told that your order went out at the end of the week. I am sorry it took so long. Bless you for your patience.

Thanks for the encouragement Rob, it means alot!

Hi Scott (&Linda), Don't know if you remember the two of us but we remember the powerful testimony of your lives lived before others and us. We have spoken of you so often through the years with great affection. Enjoyed your music and have sweet memories of times with you, Scott, here in Mobile. Excited to read about the place He has called you to minister. Please hug one another for us. Blessings to you and your family. If you are ever in Mobile again we would enjoy being your hosts again.
Love in Jesus, Ann (for Ann & Philip Jung)

Philip and Ann,

I remember well the wonderful days we spent with you in Mobile. Thank you for taking time to say hello. We will be praying for your continued work in the Kingdom! Bless you and your family.


Mitchell Road was blessed to have both you and Scotty minister to us at our missions conference this year. Thank you. It becomes evident very quickly that you both feed on Christ, but you also feed on each other which more effectively leads us to feed on Christ as well. Thank you for reminding us of ministry opportunities ""within our reach"".

One gem that I brought away that will become my goal this year is ""spending less time doing things FOR chist and more time doing things WITH Christ"". It's the relationship that Christ wants with us, isn't it? What a wonder!

It was also good to reminisce about your earlier years and the A,R,&M concert I went to in Greenville sometime around '79. Sorry about the album cover on the screen Sunday night. Scotty made me do it... yeah, that's it.

-Don (the sound guy)


it is brothers like you that make this journey so encouraging. Even though I left the formal music ministry years ago, I still consider myself a singer and songwriter for Jesus. I'm posing as a Pastor, don't tell anyone! I hope you like the work Dan has done bringing our songs back. God bless you for your ministry and thanks for getting in touch.


Getting back with you after so many years, making the connection that your brother is my hero and meeting your Mom which makes clear why you both are such terrific guys was the highlight of the weekend.

We had a tremendous time and cannot wait to get back to Greenville. It was a bit embarassing to see the old album and hear the music played, but it really helped people see the relationship Scotty and I share. Thanks again for making everything sound so good. Send my best to your brother and Mom. Blessings and Christ's love to all.

Thanks Bill, your fishing video needs to be on ESPN. I can't wait to try out one of those bamboo rods. I had a great day on the Middle Prong of the Little River in the GSMNP on Thanksgiving morning with my new nephew Joshua. Blessings!

Hey Scott,
What a nice walk down memory lane!
lots of love and am grateful for the long friendship!

Thank you Frank for your message. I too am grateful for the days we spent at SAU. I am so glad to hear you are well and still serving the Lord. Long live the gospel quartet, God's best way of communicating truth.

I just discovered this site, and with it came some great memories! (This is the first ""Blog"" I have visited). The spiritual seeds that were sown back there in Spring Arbor years ago have reaped a great harvest for the Lord in each of our lives as He has directed our paths. Be encouraged along this journey, and know that His Word is continuing to mold and shape us each step of the way. (Note: I still have the Aslan album and it still plays at 33 1/3 revolutions.)

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Great to see the journey and the meaningful connections it has created. Love to both of you.


Scott has posted his first blog entry. You can find it on the Home page - at the bottom of his post you'll find a link that you can click on to make a comment. Comments need to be approved so it might be a few hours before they actually appear. Give it a shot.

Thanks Scott, my pleasure. I think this is a good start. Not sure if you've noticed, but we've been adding bunches of photo's to the Photo Gallery. Hope to start organizing them soon.

Thank you Dan for the wonderful site. It brings back great memories. I hope we continue building it so that all those marvelous artists, musicians, family members and friends can re-connect and enjoy what the Lord has done. You are a blessing to me. S.

Hey brother Scott,

What a great site (sight too!). I'm enjoying the memories and looking forward to the followup to God's neighborhood.

Stop in if you get a minute when you come to Michigan. We'll pull out the guitars and have a grand time with Rolls and TK.


Jeff, Thanks for the background on spoolies. I remember my sisters had some. I tried them out - to disastrous effect.

I can't give an official update on Tripod (Obi), but I can tell you that the photo on the website is a couple of years old, and in dog years I think that's somewhere around a decade. I saw Obi a few weeks ago and his left eye is not pointing the same direction as his right. Poor fella can see around corners though. I hope at some point the story will be told of how Obi came by the nickname, Tripod. There is a lesson in life there I'm sure, and many might find value in it's hearing. But I won't be the one to tell it.

I do have some other photos of Obi that I may share at some point. He's a survivor, that one.

So when is the Matt Roley/Scott Roley cd happening?

Dan, ""spoolies"" were rubber hair doodads from the late 50's that were pink and looked like a very thin thread spool, that I remember seeing my sisters wrap their hair around, then fold the spool back on itself looking like a small flying saucer. They would have many of these little machines in their hair, and after sufficient drying, they would peal the spoolies out of their hair and voila! they would look like versions of Shirley Temple.

Yeah, ""City Limits"", Scott's Shirley Temple era! By the way, how is Tripod doing? He is dominating the website, but I can't find any acknowledgement of Obi's influence.

Okay, so I peeked at the web page and again was just reminded of my fond feelings for you and the times together. You blessed me so much with the call today. Sad to hear about our mutual friend, but the Father searches the road for His child to come home. I will send along some music, hopefully to encourage. Blessings. Jon