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Hello Scott,

I am looking to find where some songs that you've written with John Lawry have been recorded. My site features a full Petra discography and I recently found info on some songs John Lawry wrote with you, but I can't seem to track them down. Maybe you can help. These are the songs I'm looking for:

All Of Me - Scott Roley, John Lawry
Follow The Leader - Scott Roley, Linda Roley, John Lawry
Just Like You - John Lawry, Scott Roley
Who Are We Fighting For - George Cocchini, John Lawry, Scott Roley

It would be great if you could help me!

BTW I own Gently Flowing Feeling on vinyl, after Bob Hartman told me that he played guitar on it. I do really like the album. Great stuff!


Joe, thank you for the kind words and great memories! I know that Jack continues to grow as a Pastor, he always ministered to me... esp. in meditation and creative thoughts of how the Gospel really works in our lives. I understand there is a retirement party for him this coming summer? Maybe we can hook up there... Bless you in your new town and work...

Hello Scott,
I don't know if you want to go back to revisit the 80's, but do you remember Jack Crabtree, and YFC on Long Island, NY? I was playing drums with Bob Snyder and Eric Eaton and we ministered in music together. Anyway, I see that you, and your son are pastors in Franklin, TN? I think that is wonderful. Jack Crabtree is pastoring as well! My family, (wife, and 9yr old son), just recently moved to Illinois. Plugged into a good church, and waiting on God's direction here. Good to hear your voice in song again-just as good as I remember it. I have been blessed to have played with you, Kathy Triccoli, Margaret Becker, and many others that have stood in their faith through the years.
May God keep you in all that you do,

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Michael, give me a call at 615-468-2261 and leave your cell phone number. I will call you back and walk you through the progression for Brother to Brother... It is not too difficult and I'm sure once we talk you through the chart it will be easy for you to play. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Mike Card and I are working on a new record that will be out soon and I have two new songs on the project. Hope you like them, God's blessings and Merry Chirstmas!

Merry Christmas, I am going to download the bother to brother cd. but what i am also looking for is the sheet music for guitar for the songs on the album. is this item also available for download or order. I would like to order both at the same time. Please respond

Thank you

Mike Skinner

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Ten Ns, thanks for the encouragement, Mike and I wrote that song in the back of his bus one night in 1986, traveling to who knows where... we both love to sing it. Remember to just confess it and leave it behind!

Hi! I've been listening things we leave behind (micheal card and Yourself)
Great song! I'm from Canada

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Wick and Cindy, what a great blessing to hear from you, we had so many amazing times... I have prayed for your mission and work and hope we can catch up soon. I still hear from Ed C. on occasion and John Boatwright lives around the corner. Please give my love to your family, you are a dear brother to me!

Scott....trying to connect with you several months ago....a friend sent me a note tonight...he and I have been talking about prayer and fasting...and he sent me an article that you wrote.

love you man....wick jackson

Thanks always for using my music, Ron is a real hero... I've sent you an email to help with the tech problem. Stay warm and dry, Blessings

We are all so sad to hear the news about Chris and we continue to pray for the entire Brown family. We will certainly pray for Mary Grace that she finds the peace of Christ... I will email a direct link to me. Blessings in Jesus

Dear Scott,

Tried to send you a msg thru C3 website, but got an error. Hope this finds its way to you.

I sent a msg to Scotty earlier, but was unable to add you to it. I need to send you a 'Friend Request' on FB. I know you and Scotty have so much on your mind and heart right now, but I am so concerned about this situation. Please know that I am praying for both of you, and Pastor Mike and his family, and all of our congregation. This is the msg I sent to Scotty thru FB:

I hate to ask you this, because I know you have so many to pray for, hear of so many burdens...yet I am so concerned. My dear lifelong friend, Melissa Anderson has an 18 yr old daughter, Mary Grace. Her boyfriend, Chris Brown committed suicide yesterday. Grace and Chris both went to Stone Table school. You may know Robbie Grayson. He is the only one Grace will talk with. She speaks of being dead and having no hope. Her parents are trying to find counseling. Your prayers are SO appreciated.

I love you dearly, even though we have never met! We have been at C3 for about a yr. We have every intention of joining; wanted to do the new members class this fall, but....have had several 'crisis' situations in our lives as well. God is most definitely in control, and I appreciate so much the way you and Scotty care for the flock. You have a beautiful heart.

Thankfully In His Grip,


Hey Scott,

It's Russell Baum ( the downtown Franklin mailman and producer of the Full Circle Jesus Music radio show) I just downloaded the Gently Flowing Feeling album which I purchased off of the site. I was going to use the song Further Up and Further In to use with the interview we did with Ron Moore on an upcoming episode but I'm having trouble converting it to a mp3 or WAV format to use on the show. Is there anyway you could email me a mp3 of that song directly to my email and maybe I could exchange the download for a hard copy for future use on the show? Whatever you can do to help would be great thanks. IN HIS HANDS, Russell

email address -

Thank you for sharing your powerful story! I will contact Dan Wensley to see if we can get you copies of my music. It is such a blessing to know that art can have an impact like this and that God uses sinners like me to accomplish amazing things in remarkable people like you. We are in it together... I hope to meet you one day... In Christ's deep love, S.

Hi Mr. Roley;

My name is Doug and i am not sure what to say i am very suprised that you had a website i just took a guess and here we are.
I first heard your music back in the late 80's from a friend who had seen your concert im guessing in elyria, ohio. Your music really touched me and i have to be honest after Aug 1988 i was living on the streets and i had a walkman for my tapes and the clothes on my back i went into a christian book store to get warm and i remember stealing your tapes. As of this very day i still have them they are worn out now. I am disabled and trying to look for a job but i was looking for your tapes again because i just love them brother to brother and within my reach, there is not much more i can type here so i will let you go take care may God continue to bless you, your family, and ministry. If you would like to e-mail my e-mail address is above. Doug

Hey dude,
if I was any kind of friend I would've sent you a copy free of charge... but thanks for the support. I can't wait for the ""Thief"" to come out!

ordered your book today bro...proud of you! can't wait to read it! talk soon...

Shelly and Alfie,
time is flying by and I can't believe the memories that flood back from posts like yours, bless you and stay in touch.

It has been along time since we have seen you. Enjoyed the time we had while you were at the camp in North Carlina. ""Pinhook Valley"". Hope you remember us. You gave us alot of spiritual growth... Sure could use some of your input now... Proud of who you are, and what you have accomplished with your life. Sent you a little message on facebook. you can find my link there... God Bless. Shelly Landis

We loved Northern Ohio and played there often. Thanks for remembering. Mike and Al's music can be ordered here on my web site. They are featured on solo cds along with my stuff. Hope to hear from you again, bless you...

I first saw Albrecht, Roley, & Moore when they played at our small church in Brecksville, Ohio (Cleveland suburb). That was probably about 1978.

I look forward to meeting Paulie...

Fun at the Hurms will live forever at the Roley house. You and your family have meant so much to us over the years. The first video tape rental of Tron... dropping you in the middle of nowhere Tennessee... DJ? We love you and miss you...

Scott, I've been sitting here going back in time as I listen to your music. I am glad to see you and Linda and the kids are well. I was going to post a comment on your facebook page, but couldn't find the link to do so. Oh well, this will have to do.

JC, thanks for the shirts, shoes, coats, pants and hats. I don't shop anymore because of your generosity. What readers don't know is the infamous Bonaroo advertising I did for your great company. I hope I didn't cost you any sales... I do love the Clarks!



I saw Albrecht and Roley in a little coffee house in Chicago in 1975.
I have listened to your album so much it is worn out and now I am able to finally purchase a CD.
Thank you for the music you created and I admire you for not only hearing God's voice but obeying.
God Bless
Carl Smith


Thanks for checking in. It is a real encouragement to be reminded of God's goodness over all these years. Bless you my brother...

Nice to know you're here. Your music really meant alot to me when I became a Christian back in 1978. Bye for now.

Thank you so much for the reminder of how God's grace works. His deep love for us spills out into love for others. I often forget that. I try to love on my own but that gets frustrating. Better to trust in Him. Great to hear from you have a grace filled summer.

Hey Joe,
yes, thank you for being willing to send the record to me. It was a limited pressing and as a result remained popular with AR&M fans. I am sad to tell you that Mike Albrecht passed away in 2002. We all miss him terribly. My home address is 959 Glass Street, Franklin, Tennessee, 37064. I will pay shipping if you need me to. Blessings...

I went to MSU with Mike and he gave me a white promo lp of Gently Flowing Feeling. I am getting rid of all my vinyl and thought he/you might want it. Let me know.


thanks for buying the cds, Aslan is rough, recorded on a four track in a Church. A&R was the foundation for AR&M featureing my brother Jeff Roley on drums and Ted Kallman on guitar both of OMWB fame. Take It To The People is the final trio record produced by Al Perkins. Hope you enjoy. Have a great New Year!

great to hear from you. I have been spending alot of time lately with Bill Deaton and we were just remembering the time we worked on your record. I am so glad you have continued your education and teaching, I'm sure you are wonderful at it. ""Where does your treasure lie"" is still a favorite.
Bless you,

Hi Scott and Family,

I've thought about contacting you for some time. Thought that I would use this vehicle to do so.

My best wishes for a great Christmas this year. I thought that I would also simply attach a note that I sent out this Christmas in an ecard.

It has been a fast year for me. I have for now returned to teaching Philosophy classes and am loving it. It seems to me like I never stopped.

My health has been fine and my two original cats are doing well too. I was given a young cat half-way through the year that my friend Linda rescued but he unfortunately died unexpectedly a few weeks ago, throwing some negativeness over the Season.

I continue to run the Baltimore Backgammon Club and my internet Backgammon teaching videos have surpassed 75,000 hits on the original site at and who knows how many others on sites like YouTube that also carry them. They are helping many new players learn to play the game and I am glad to have been able to give something back to others through them.

My day, while it usually starts out teaching in Baltimore City, often ends up in the country where I help Linda take care of her horse chores. The change, while it involves real physical work, is a good break from academic work. She had some good shows in Virginia this past summer and has high hopes for them in the show jumping world.

An unexpected positive this year has been hooking up with my good friend from High School Carter Clews, who works for Americans for Limited Government. Through their organization I have been writing a weekly, nationally syndicated column mixing philosophy with politics. Many of my articles, written from a center-right political perspective, can be found at:

and this one as well:

I know that it may have been a hard year for some of you and I do not want to pretend that it has been an easy one for me. But I hope for a better year for all of us in 2010 and would appreciate hearing from all of you, even if it is just a few lines in an e-mail.

Merry Christmas from the Heart!

Vic Morawski, Jr.

Glad to see that you are working on race relations. I teach some of my philosophy courses at Coppin University, a predominantly black institution in Baltimore City. Much needs to be done in the African American community in the US---glad that you are part of the solution.

May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry.

you are so kind and patient. We hope you enjoy the cds. Thanks for remembering me and the music. Have a wonderful new year, in Jesus, S.

thank you for the kind words we hope you enjoy the cd. I always liked ""Constantly"" it was autobiographical but nobody knew. Bless you, the poets die hard, Roley

Scott, I am so excited to see your music available on CD. FINALLY!!! Your song ""Constantly"" is one of my all time favorites, and I a song I still sing so many years later. Thank you. God bless you! And I will certainly be ordering CD's


Hello Scott,

thanks for your answer.can you give me the e-mail adress of Dan Wensley, what are the shipping costs to Germany and should i order in your shop?
i would like to have the first 5 cd's.

Thorsten, we will ship them anywhere mail goes. Just let Dan Wensley know when you make the order. I will also speak to him about it at Thanksgiving. I remember well my time in Hamburg. Thank you for asking about the cds and have a blessed time in the Lord this holiday.

is there any chance that you ship your cd's to europe (germany)?
(i only have paypal)

John, thank you for the help. Lord, bless Heavenly Grooves!


This is John from Heavenly Grooves. I wanted to apologize for not taking down the link for you Albrecht & Roley album sooner from my blog. I wasn't paying attention to the comments that I received so I was unaware that you were selling your albums. I still have it on the site but now with a link to where people can buy it. And in the next month or so I will post the review of the Aslan album and do the same by including a link for where people can purchase it. I appreciate your music.


Jeff, I don't have a track of B to B. There was one made twenty years ago, but I'm sure it would be impossible to find. Dan Wensley and I work together on special projects and I will see if he can get a piano or guitar track together for you. It would not be the production from the album, but rather the proper chord progression with a road map that you could easily follow and sing to. We will be praying for your brother, for the grace and peace of Jesus to flood his life, knowing that the Lord heals and worships over us!

Your song ""Brother to Brother"" has been inspirational for me and my brother Marc. He has gone through some tough times.

He has currently melanoma cancer and has been told that it is not treatable by conventional means (chemo). They've enrolled him into an test program with an experimental drug.

I was wondering of you have an accompaniment track to the ""Brother to Brother"" song so I could sing the song for him.


you are so kind to check in. The music, all eleven recordings, are now on cd and available through the site. I hope you enjoy them. Give my best to Uncle Dimpy.

I had a flash of your name in my head today, and I thought I would look you up....nice to see your still in the business...
I met you in the early 1980's at my uncle Dimpy's house in Pennsylvania, I dont know if you were friends of his family or how that all went...I think I was 14 years old, you gave me your cassette and I listened to it for a long time and really enjoyed just thought I would say Hi...let you know the music was really good...I will check on-line and maybe it is in cd form now....take care...Gretchen in Delaware :)

Thanks Dan for the OMWB link. It is an honor. God bless you guys!

Scott and Dan, I love the new site. I like the fact that I no longer am scrolling for stuff. Scott check out the video that I shot Sunday night after the Andover Reunion. And may this be my first unabashed appeal to add the OldManWorshipBand website to your links. Hopefully, I am more successful than Chicago's appeal to the Olympic Committee.


You are very important to me. I'd love to talk with you. Maybe you could email me at, send me your email and phone number. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I hope we connect soon.


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