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Scott,What happened to the page with all the albums?  After purchasing four of the albums, seems I can't get access anymore.  It's not even listed at the top of the page anymore.  Discography page is blank.  God Bless! 

Thanks for making this album available for download! It was actually the first one I ever bought, in 1983 at a youth event in Florida. Believe it or not I still have the LP but I haven't heard it in a lot of years because I haven't owned a record player.Brings back lots of good memories. 

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Help, Scott!I rejoiced when I discovered that you're offering Starlighter for sale as a CD.  Once upon a time, I hosted/produced a 90-minute radio program entitled Changes up here in the Great White North, on the local university station.  Your hauntingly beautiful Chasin' The Rain ended up in my playlist when I explored the theme of adverse circumstances and how Christians should respond to them.Well.  I just received my CD copy of Starlighter in the mail, and I fully plan on ordering Gently Flowing Feeling and Take It To The People on CD as well.  So could you pretty please email me the lyrics to all 3 albums?  iTunes not only allows music aficionados to import CD's into their iTunes library, but also to click on 'get info,' then 'lyrics' and add the lyrics - song by song.Not to mention:  Whenever my wife & I play the CD in the car, it would be so cool for the passenger(s) to have the lyrics to refer to.I've always found that the songs 'register' better in my heart and mind if I listen to them with the lyrics in front of me.Thanks for whatever you can do.  I'm very grateful to you for going to the trouble of creating these CD-R's and making them available to us, especially considering all the water that has passed under the bridge since they were initially recorded and released as LP's and cassettes.  In fact, the songs of Albrecht, Roley and Moore possess both a timelessness and a quality of musicianship that appears to be anything but prolific nowadays.Cordially,PhiL {'•_•'}

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I am so grateful for your kind words and encouragement... i hope we can meet again soon! S


I have just moved back to Ohio afree years of being gone and, as I drove a familiar road yesterday, I remembered a concert I attended years ago when God laid it upon my heart to help with a financial need you all were experiencing to fix your van. As a young woman of 18, I worked all summer to earn the $800 you needed. I learned so much that summer about working for God, turning my life over to God, and knowing that faith is the most valuable gift God can give us. I am gratified to see that your ministry continues today. I am happy to say that I too continue to listen for God's voice to see what is next....God bless you and have a wonderful Easter.

Hi Scott,Been listening to your music (when you were trio in late 70's). Love "Eyes on the Clouds"first song I heard on ccm airwaves.  Haven't heard your solo stuff, will have to investwhen I locate it.  I have all 3 of the group's albums.  Are you still a Pastor in Nashville?I do have other artists on cd that I recall seeing your name as guest artist for bgvs.I have a treasure full of CCM on vinyl and cd.  When you get a chance, check outCrossrhythms site and read what people say about ccm artists; under "artist profile".Do you still sing, do any of your children sing? Take care, God bless, Don

Just revisited The Old Man on You Tube.  The first time I heard this song was in St. Paul last year on May 5.  You sang three songs (solo) during the concert with Michael.  My daughter, Kaitlin and I visiited with you following the concert.  This song has been very powerful in my life because I find myself defaulting to the pattern my father used in my growing up years.  Everytime this occurs, I remind my children that grandpa had just been to the house for a short visit.  They understand because my wife often reflects her upbringing by becoming her mom or dad for short visists also. I just want to say thank you one more time for letting God speak through you as you shared the truth of how behaviors are passed from generation to generation.  This just reinforces the fact (like it or not) that we, as fathers have already created the mold for our children on how they will react and interact with their families. Minot is still well and growing like a mad man.  You wouldn't recognize the town based on the construction and oil business of the last six years.  We live 30 miles south in a small town called Max, but do much of our business in Minot as well as on the Air Force Base, from which I retired in 2001.  Kaitlin stills carries very fond memories of that May evening last year.  Thank you for making her feel very special. 

Hi Scott,I've loved your music ever since I was in 9th grade and my older brother brought home an album pressed in WHITE vinyl and put it on the turntable for me to listen to.  I still think "Keep Me Struggling On" is one of the greatest Christian songs ever written and I still play it on the guitar and sing it passionately when I need some encouragement to "keep struggling on."  (you actually showed me how to play it after a concert in Clemson, SC, many years ago and for that I will forever be grateful)  Tried to do the MP3 download of Gently Flowing Feeling, but couldn't get it to work.  Can I just get the 9.99 for the download as a credit toward the Audio CD?  My computer just doesn't seem to want to cooperate when I try to download it.  Anyway, great to know you are still using your many gifts and talents in service to the Lord.  Keep struggling on!- Stan WatsonLovettsville, VA

Scott - We met years ago (1985) at Fourth Pres Church in DC - you gave me a hard time about wearing a tie! - I just listened to Michael Card's version of Things We Leave Behind and it's still timeless.  Thanks for your contribution to the gospel.  We live in Cincinnati and we are going to try to see Michael Card in Springfield (June 28) - will you be touring with him then?

Scott Looking forward to having you as Our Spotlight Artist for 2 Weeks of Great Excitement, Airing Your Music April 22 8PM EST and having your Telephone Interview here with us at Sunday 8PM EST May 29, 2012 Expecting a Great Time;)! Thank You!
God Bless!
Talk Soon!
The JSYRadio Staff

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I hope you got the music and the photograph... Bless you guys for having me on the show! Love to all...

Hi Scott, One of my favourite albums for many years has been your Starlighter. Recently we moved and in the move my old LP album disappeared so I really like to replace it with the CD you are selling. The problem is that I live in South Africa and your site doesn't give me the options I need to buy - full shipping costs and I can't write my complete address. I can pay by Mastercard and I can organise an electronic transfer if needed. Please help! Many thanks, Lindsay Reyburn

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I hope all is well in SA... Let me know that you got the music you wanted... We are still working out the bugs on the new site! Blessings to all!

Hi Scott. So wonderful to meet you this past weekend at Christ Church. Had heard so much about you from Mike and Scotty over the years. Enjoyed being introduced to your music and hearing your sweet voice sing old and new songs. Will be praying for you, Mike and the team as you continue on with Mark and will look forward to seeing you sometime in the future. Until then, you'll be on my prayer list.

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Great to hear from you... We cannot wait to come back and be with you guys! Blessings to all...

Scott & Linda
Sending you Love and gratitude from Michigan. There are moments in my life when I stop and I silently thank you both for the kindness and love that you shared with me when I was growing up on Brush Street. Thinking about you today I started searching and to my surprise found your website. I just wanted you both to know you helped this lost little girl find a way through the wardrobe. With Love & Respect, Jessica

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Dear Jessica, I am so blessed that you took the time to post such a sweet and encouraging note... I immediately called Linda and read it to her... We are often reminded of those precious days on Brush Street... You, our friends, the music and especially what Jesus was doing in our lives! I will be praying for your family as we move further up and further into His Kingdom and as we live each day for Him... you are a true breath of fresh air and mercy... deep love, all the Roleys!

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Hey Jim... give me a call and we will try to find Larry!

Dear Scott,
Thanks so much for leading us in worship at Covenant Church on Sunday! Praise the Lord! Anne and I bought the ""Brother to Brother"" album and now I can't get the ""Suffer the Children"" track out of my head. It's so beautiful! I would like to send a copy of the song to my son Greg in Hollywood, where he works as a freelance videographer. With your permission, I would to explore him filming a pro-life video for the song. I might be crazy, but I feel strongly led to do this.

Serving Christ with you,
Frank Wonder

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Frank, thanks for the encouraging words... let me know how the project goes! Bless you and please give my love to TPC...

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Hey Garry, I remember the Jesus Barn... don't remember the trick exactly but Mike was a mystery man and did stuff like that all the time... I miss that part alot! Shotgun is on the Gently Flowing Feeling album which you can down load on this site... if you don't have it. Thank you for rmembering us and for checking in... Blessings

Mr. Roley,

I remember when you guys, Albrecht, Roley and Moore, came to the Jesus Barn in East Peoria, IL......had a great time when you were there! I remember for some odd reason you guys, I think it was Albrecht, did a trick with you remember that? Anyway, if not, it was fun and I love the song SHOTGUN RIDER.

Thanks for replying back Scott. I have recently began to rededicate my life to God. I took my kids(whom are 5yrs old) to a new church in Georgetown KY called Grace Christian Church and it was amazing. God was definately speaking to me that day. The theme for the sermon was about being a father what roles that a father plays to provide the best care he can give to his children. Until that morning I had been somewhat lost in how can I be a better father for my kids. Sure enough I found some motivation and wisdom to help me grow into the roles I need.
I will stay in touch from time to time. Thanks again for your musical influence through Jesus Christ.

Jamie Hubbard

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Jamie, Thanks for the thoughts... keep putting those boys first and everything will come together... I always like to remember that the faith really comes down to a Father and a Son... Blessings

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Jennifer, Thank you so much for taking the time to post your message... I always loved JI and FITS! Your life is a demonstration of how the Gospel works... as I sit here weeping over the goodness of God. Your family blesses me and your testimony to the faithfulness of Christ is just what I needed this morning. I pray He continues to use you in so many other lives and that your children grow up with a love for Jesus and His Word and a deep love for people... especially the poor!

Mr. Roley, You spoke at a youth conference to a few college students at Jekyll Island in the summer of 1992 (I think.) I was one of those students and I was so moved by your family. I remember asking you about adoption and specifically about having a career and family. I remember you prayed with me and I remember that prayer so well. You prayed that I would be able to pursue my career so that I would then be able to adopt a lot of children. :) Well, I did pursue that career, which I am now practicing part time so I can be a mom to our 4 kids--one of which is adopted and we are waiting to see what God will do next. For all of these years, your talks, your prayer and your family have been a visible witness and inspiration to me. Thank you. In Christ, Jennifer Drake

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Julie, Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I will do your wedding no matter what... deep love and may God bless you! Linda sends her love too!

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. In 1988, Scott Roley came to my hometown for a church dedication of the church I grew up in. I was about 15 at the time. I often talk about how cool it was to have Scott there and listen to him play the guitar and sing. He even came to my house and my parents cooked breakfast for him and his wife. It was just one of those moments in life that we look back on and cherish. Thank you for your influence Mr Roley. God Bless

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Hey Jamie, It is so fun to remember back on all those moments... please give my best to your parents and let them know a home cooked meal was love from the Lord! I hope you are growing in God's grace and that your life is full and being lived for Him... thanks for touching base. Blessings

Hey Scott,
You and Linda and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. Of course I miss seeing you so much but feel certain that I will run into you and Linda in Franklin. You and Linda are one of the main reasons why I attended CCC. You and Linda and your family truly ""walked the walk"" unlike I had ever seen a pastor do so, when you all adopted your younger children. You and Linda are awesome. I will always love you both. I just have one request Pastor Roley.... Should I EVER find someone to marry...(not likely, I'm 54 now although the infamous Bob has been calling again!!) anyway.. I really want you to officiate at my marriage, should I EVER marry. That would make me so happy!! Let the community know what your up to so we can join you through volunteering etc. Say ""hello"" to Linda for me.
Love Ya,
Julie Opsahl

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David, I will call and share the story... it actually happened at the Nashville Rescue Mission with an elderly woman. It is also a story from the book ""God's Neighborhood""... God bless you, Andy and all our friends at MRPC!


I met you at Mitchel Road Pres in Greenville, SC.

You told a story about you and Michael Card being at place in Nashville and it had to do with seeing Jesus in the least of these.(it was an encounter with a young women while he was singing) Could you call me and tell me that story again. 864-421-7229


Dave Watson II

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Timi, Thanks for the kind words... we will indeed miss being on staff at CCC! Absolutely, I hope you can be apart of what the Lord is doing through the community initiatives here in Franklin... let's pray for revival!

Hi Scott,
I am a CCC tech person. Just want you to know i love all you have done for us at CCC . You are a tender heart like me. I am anxious to see what God has in store for you and your new path. Hope your new hip is well.
And I hope to work with you and Linda in your new projects serving in our community?

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Hey Liz, Thanks for your thoughts and kind words... we continue to work through the transition from Pastor to what ever God has for us. Please pray for clarity and wisdom as we move forward. Blesssings!

Thinking of you both. Praying for healing and God's wisdom. Lean not on your own understanding but in all things give thanks and praise for our Lord and he will direct your path.

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Hey JB, great to hear of your recent moment of recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit in your life... you are a great encouragement to so many... bless you my dear brother!

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Chris, thank you so much for finding me and picking up the cd of Brother to Brother... I pray it blesses you. As you know Mike Card sang the duet with me on the title track, Brother to Brother. Also, we still play the Perfect Prayer whenever we do a concert together. Things We Leave Behind, is another favorite from that record. BTW, I recently did a concert with John Catchings, our cellist from that tour back in the eighties and he played the instrumental bridge from the song (PP) which is a separate musical piece I wrote and normally play on classical guitar called Joan... named for my Mother! Bless you in your work and please pass my very best on to your congregation.

Hi, Scott -
In 1992, I saw you and Michael Card in concert, and you presented the song, ""Perfect Prayer,"" for which till today I could only remember the refrain, but it stuck with me in a good way ever since that night, with God bringing the refrain back to my mind in times when He knew I needed it. As a song leader, I even taught the refrain to my church, Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, and we've sung it a handful of times, with it being received well and blessing hundreds, and I made sure to give you credit on our lyric sheets and projections. I hope that gives you good encouragement!
I recently became a fan of Mike on Facebook, and I asked him about you and your song, and he, noting that you were his best friend, was happy to point me to you here. I'm pleased to now purchase the mp3 of your ""Brother To Brother"" album, and finally learn those verses! I really appreciate your having written that song, and I really appreciate the Lord for using it to bless and help me for so many years!
God bless you, your family, and your ministries!

Chris Ring

I found it. See you and talk to you soon. Do you know how to get a hold of Larry Walker.

Love you brother.

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Jill, I just sent you my email and phone numbers... can't wait to meet your friends, bless you and Lee!

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Shannon, those retreats with Ron have always been fruitful and I was able to see him this past summer for the first time in a while... he is such a faithful servant! Blessings to all

Hey Scott,
This is Jill. We have some young friends who are moving to Nashville and could use some ""older"" Christian friends and a good church... I am sending them to you. Can you email me your email address, so that I can give that to them and get you all connected. He is a singer/songwriter (also tunes pianos) anyway... It would be great if you and Linda could welcome them to the Nashville community for us.
All our live, especially in Him
Jill and Lee

Would have been between 1985-89, at Ron's spiritual life retreat. I remember how genuine you were in discussions shared. Appreciated that authenticity. I reminded Mary D. of the memories last night...

Will pull Within My Reach Down soon. All time favorite...


Thanks for finding me... I look back on my time at SAU and realize how much my life has been shaped by being there. Let me know when we would have crossed paths? I'm hoping my music is on I Tunes soon. Your words are very encouraging, thanks for the lift! Richest blessings...


Was reminded of you today...after many were a visitor at Spring Arbor College back in the day. Digging out my old tapes, if I can find them, to reflect on the powerful gentleness of your music. Great to find you here, and blessings on you and your family.


PS - On iTunes soon?

Pieter, the band also included James Isaac Elliott, Phil Elliott's brother, on mandolin and percussion... James went on to write many songs with Steven C. Chapman.

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Pieter, 'City Limits' was a six piece band featuring John Lawry on keys, Bob Hartman on guitar, Phil Elliot on Bass, Joe English on drums and Grammy nominee Tom Douglas of 'The House That Built Me' on piano... I fronted the group, sang the lead vocals and played guitar... I will hunt for a live recording, although I'm not sure one was ever done. The only recording we made was produced by John Rosasco here in Nashville and realeased in 1981 by Sparrow Records on the Spirit label. You can find a copy of it here on the website...

Scott, thanks. That would be great! It would also be great if there were some live recordings of the City Limits band with John and Bob. That must have been a great band! I noticed there was a typo in my e-mail address, so here it is again: petraspective (at)

Great to hear from you, I will look into getting the original demos of the four songs to you as soon as possible. John and Bob are still dear friends and I'm glad someone like you is at work rescuing the wonderful music they both made for the Kingdom...


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