Rest and be thankful

I am taking some time off to recharge after an amazingly difficult month;  I can’t remember more consistent opportunities to meet the real needs of God’s people.  Jesus’ Kingdom work is all around us.  It is really no different than any other month, it just seems that way because of so much devastation from the flood and the emotional wreckage from the sudden deaths of loved ones.  I am especially thankful in my prayers this week for you, a family of faith where rolling up your sleeves and weeping as you work is the standard...that praying prayers, holding hands and cleaning floors is considered normal.   It is the lyric, music and dance of the Gospel which is visible and real.  I am thankful for Christ Community Church's Founding Pastor Scotty Smith who has kept his morning prayers coming day by day.  (They are posted on the C3 web site and often lead me to my Heavenly Father in emotion filled Gospel centered ways).  I know that God’s goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the House of the Lord Forever…

I am thankful for the pastors and leaders of our communities who have banded together to support so many in need; Irealized this recently at a gathering in North Nashville near the Bordeaux community.  President Obama’s Director of the White House Faith Based and Neighborhood Projects was in town to talk with the worst of our flooded out residents.  Chris Whitney of Synago was there too.  We realized that so much of the immediate response to the flood came from the connectional relationships we have as ministers and church lay leaders.  The Christian community came alive and acted as Christ’s Body in Nashville when it was needed most and President Obama’s man said as much.  He reflected that in the midst of all the National agencies, FEMA, TEMA, HUD, etc. as well as local, State, County and City groups and all the great work other volunteers were doing, stood a core of faithful people organized by the Spirit of Love.  As the water rose so did Christ’s Church and it was evident to all.  Sitting in that North Nashville Missionary Baptist Church I was proud to be a Christian.  I was proud to boast of Jesus and His great Love!

Pray that we simplify the work we are called to do.  We are a Church that loves to Worship, loves to care for each other and loves to serve everyone else.  As you get some much needed rest from the struggles of May 2010 spend extra time with Jesus and lift your eyes to see what wondrous things He is doing among us transforming us all as He builds His Kingdom of Love.

May His mercy be like a rising river,