The Non-Hype Hope of Jesus’ Resurrection

Easter Sunday is a great day to give a fresh listening to the story the Bible is actually telling about Jesus, this life, and our longing for something more. The “something more” is what the Bible calls hope—an orientation towards the future with good implications for today.

Many of us have reached a place in life where we’re cynical about ever hoping again. It’s safer not to hope than to risk having your heart disillusioned and trashed, yet again. Many of us are so desperate we’ll plug our “umbilical cords” into anyone or anything that offers the remotest possibility of filling the relentless vacuum of our souls. Still others of us have attached to Christianity an agenda and expectations that simply don’t hold up very well when we allow the Bible to speak for itself.  

Sunday morning at Christ Community, we’re going to take a look at a portion of the New Testament in which the Apostle Paul confronts some very broken thinking about Jesus’ resurrection. Unfortunately, Christians are often the worse advertisement for the beauty and believability of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let’s listen to his passion as he calls Christians out of optimism and pessimism into gospel-realism

Easter is not simply a story about hope for life after death. It’s a story of hope for life before death and beyond death. The resurrection of Jesus calls us to engage with God’s great story of redemption and restoration. Do you have questions about how to get involved in this way of life? Are you certain about life beyond this life?  Do you have any doubt about God’s love for you? Are there questions about the person and work of Jesus you’d like to chat about? Do you have need of prayer for some crisis of faith and life?

Let’s talk about these very important matters.