Lenten Season Call to Prayer entry six

My beloved friends, I am so excited about this upcoming Passion Week.  As we conclude our time of fasting and praying,  it is a time for non-stop celebration as we approach Resurrection Day.  We see the Gospel demonstrated as we read of Jesus’ crucifixion and his coming back from death to life securing our redemption, giving us abundant and eternal life.  Amazing love how can it be? 

This past week during my time of prayer, I have been overwhelmed with the simplest of petitions.  For instance, the fifth –century prayer sometimes called the Prayer of Jesus:  Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner, has become a moment to moment request. I like those prayers you can pray with a single breath.  So much of my need starts with recognizing my sinful heart. 

I have found that my lack of prayer shows up in my attitudes and conversely when I’m faithfully praying I also feel a change.  For example, no prayer brings bitterness while honest prayer brings waiting.  No prayer allows anger to rule but sincere prayer helps me stay watchful.  I am aimless without prayer and truly wondering when I do pray.  My cynicism gives way to hope, my controlling melts into submission and my blaming becomes repenting--all as the result of prayer. 

As we conclude our hour of prayer this week, let’s focus on the Gospel allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us on a journey of praying the Scriptures in light of what Jesus is doing through our Church, in our homes, neighborhoods, City, County, Country and to the ends of the Earth.  All for His Glory, we are a praying people!