Join us for the Spring 2011 Grace & Men Conferences

What is the purpose of The Gospel Man Initiative and Conference?

Helping men integrate the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ into the totality of their lives as the foundational and organizing principle. If you buy the proposition that most men's identity is wrapped in what we do and what we accomplish, then the Gospel of Grace through the work of Jesus Christ is a revolutionary concept and way of life for men. If you are familiar with salvation by grace through faith, the idea that living in grace is a fundamentally different way of living seems pretty obvious. What is the evidence in men's lives of a radically different orientation? But there's more to be said about a man's life and his external and internal pressures. Compound our identity "hard-wiring" with a man's environment of competition, "winner-takes-all, losers-are-small" endgame mindset, bravado and swagger as a pride cover for insecurities, and the deficit of godly male/father role-modeling, what would one anticipate that most men's lives look like given our "driven-to-do" nature and the problems in our man's world environment?

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