Heaven of Earth

This past weekend was a glorious example of the grace filled community life here at C3, we estimate 5600 people were on the campus throughout the weekend. There was a marvelous attendance for Friday’s Resurrection Trail as the campus was filled with children of all ages from the surrounding community and Good Friday’s service was a sweet time of reflection and anticipation of the sacrifice and deep love of our Lord. On Sunday, both of the morning services were filled with the wonder and beauty of the cross as Scotty, David and the Worship team lead us in celebration of the resurrection.

The Synago Sunrise service was a beautiful blend of cultures, classes, colors, and churches...an earthly taste of Revelation chapter 5 with all people groups worshiping the risen Lamb, Jesus Christ. It was early, it was cool, but it was Christ centered from beginning to end. The World Music Mission (http://www.worldmusicmission.org/) band led us in a few worship songs. The pastors then took the stage and brought greetings from their respective congregations. Rev. Chris Williamson (Strong Tower Bible Church) and I shared about the vision of Synago. We were then blessed as two young Hispanic women sang the "Via Dolorosa." Three men then brought the ministry of the Word to the people: Rev. Kevin Riggs (Franklin Community Church), Rev. Neil Paez (La Cass De Mi Padre), and Rev. Ray McGuire (Franklin Church of God Sanctified). This is where things began to take off. The men preached powerfully and directed our attention to Christ's power and preeminence! Finally, Rev. Chris Whitney (Nashville Family Church) exhorted the people to maintain the unity of the Spirit as he also closed us in prayer.

The Synago group truly captured the minds and hearts of our community and there has been non-stop sharing about what a wonderful demonstration of love this Resurrection Sunday was. My favorite comment was that Brother Ray could be heard "North of Cottonwood" a housing subdivision close by, and that meant lots of people heard the Gospel as they picked up their Sunday paper and made morning coffee.

We saw the kingdom of God this past Sunday morning. The parts became the whole and before our very eyes city churches came together in the unity of the Spirit and the work of the Synago group and Sunday’s Services together will live in our minds and the history of the Church forever!

Ours the Cross, the Grave, the Skies,


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"Synago creates opportunities for pastors in the city of Franklin and surrounding areas to periodically worship and work together in the power of the Holy Spirit to the end that God is glorified, unity is modeled, and needs are met."