God's Overflowing Grace

As we continue to dig ourselves out of the most severe flood in Middle Tennessee history our faith and spirits have never been higher.  I am amazed at the outpouring of love and care towards those who lost so much.  The goodness of God and the story of His presence even in our most difficult circumstances is being told over and over again.  We are seeing first hand a demonstration of the Gospel as all of us work together proving Christ’s deep love. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, churched or unchurched, from a dominant culture or minority, everyone is on level ground and everyone is working together.  I continue to hear stories of people opening homes and wallets to make sure no citizen of Franklin or Williamson County goes through this by themselves.  Pray specifically for those who might not know the love of God and need the peace that comes from Christ alone.  The moments ahead are the ones His grace must overflow into giving us the strength to survive.  Moments like when it starts to rain again or we hear a thunder clap or an ambulance or fire truck siren which can be so unsettling.  Moments when we find that just the threat of a storm unnerves us.  It is then that our faith in God’s goodness to us is needed and the comforting reminder that He is working all of this together for our eventual good.

In His loving arms,