The Franklin Table

We have a lot going on in and around The Franklin Table... I've read a great book by Michelle Alexander called The New Jim Crow which charts (through research) the growth of the prison population in America which went from 300k to 3m in five years... under the good name of the 'war on drugs'... here in Hard Bargain we see the devastating impact of people serving jail sentences for possesion and use (an addictive illness) against the rightful incarceration of law breakers who push and sell the stuff. I will have more on that and related subjects coming up... My friend Ken Turner is hosting a weekend (next week) bringing in a wonderful Christian Athlete, Hunter Smith... let me know if you want more information... The event will be in Dayton, Tn. where the Scopes Trial happened 87 years ago and the fight for truth in education still goes on... I am thankful for Ken and others who work on behalf of at risk youth! Oh, lastly, come to Joseph Bibb's art show this Friday night at Stites and Harbison (downtown Franklin) from six to eight pm... Blessings to all!