A continued Call to Prayer weekly update on C3

Dear Family of Faith,


My blog is shorter this week not because I’m growing lazy but because my typing is impaired from a torn tendon in my left hand. What the injury has helped me realize is my need for unceasing prayer. It is the prayer the Apostle Paul talks about in his letters and reflects the simple moment to moment trust we have been given by faith to believe in the Lord. I am in constant contact with Jesus because He is in constant contact with me!

All this week I am reminded of Him as I can’t put on socks or grab my Grand Kids or do the laundry… anyway, I’m strapped with a thorn that keeps me conscious of Christ’s consistent love. Pray this week that we understand more fully what Jesus has done for us in the Gospel and then let us all respond by doing what He has equipped us to do by faith in Him.

You are a great blessing to me, let’s continue to run the long race set before us by our Champion God!

To Worship, Care and Serve,