A Continued Call to Prayer update

Dear Family of Faith,


Thank you for praying an hour each week. I believe we are seeing some answers and I for one am moving forward into the fall excited about fresh opportunities to Worship, Care and Serve!  In my private prayer time I feel a deep call to lead not like some Field General but rather by simply trusting Jesus who laid His life down for His followers.  That is the kind of leader I want to be.  One who gives up everything for the people he loves.   Pray for me to have strength to fulfill my calling and to trust in the deep love of Jesus.  Realizing we find it expressed only in the Gospel of His Grace.

What I am discovering about myself is that I hold on to a trust in earthly things.  My creature comforts are more important than serving the Lord.  My reputation and level of success as a minister are wrapped up in accomplishments rather than the behind the scenes care giving and self sacrifice that can only come from the love of God.  I was recently confronted with this as I had to let go of an opportunity where my personal achievements would be acknowledged and my ego stroked.  As I stopped long enough to remember the Gospel I realized it was the Lord who was slowing me down and His calling and Will were really my heart’s desire and not the craziness of being my own god.

I know none of you deal with that kind of divided heart!  So, for this week let me ask that you keep praying for clarity from the Lord about the leadership of His Church and the roles each of us play in accomplishing His Will… as we give up, we find we are serving in Him.

Blessings to each of you as we continue to

Worship, Care and Serve,