A Continued Call to Prayer and Fasting

As we come to the end of our one month of Fasting and Praying that we have been called to. I’m sure the time spent with Jesus asking Him to show us what He wants for His Church, was as productive for you as it has been for me. Unity among believers, and our growth in understanding what it means to be a member of Jesus', church have all been answered to some degree or another.

We desire to seek what Jesus wants to do. I believe the Lord is leading and am confident we are making progress as the Body of Christ seeing better the transforming of life through Worshipping, Caring and Serving!

Thanks to all of you for praying and for allowing the Spirit to use you in the process. Since beginning our prayer time back on Ash Wednesday, I have enjoyed many of your stories of how Jesus is answering your prayers. My encouragement from this point on would be to start your day by praying the prayer sent out each morning by Scotty Smith (you can sign up to receive his morning prayer on our website, on his blog page)… it will help reorient you to the Gospel! Then meditate and take your time praying through all the Lord puts on your heart. My hope is we pray more and more for the life of the Church and for all those God will reach though C3.

Blessings and deep love as we

Worship, Care and Serve,