A Continued Call to Prayer and Fasting

Dear Family of Faith,

Through my time of fasting and praying I believe the Lord is showing us that we are right in the middle of His great story of Gospel restoration.  The journey may continue to be a struggle but we belong to the One who has struggled the most and Jesus is leading us through communicating the Hope we have in Christ.

I am focusing much of my attention in Scripture around passages like Psalm 139: " Oh Lord, search me and show me any unhealthy way that is in me."  I know that it is always hard especially when we are forced to make decisions to think and act differently which all start with believing the Gospel in a fresh way.  I am asking the Lord to teach me a better way of understanding how I pose and posture myself without truly believing His Great News of redemption; then I want Him, by His Holy Spirit, to give me a new heart of repentance that shows a renewed life.

As we pray and fast for the thirty days of October we know that He will answer our objective prayers. But are we really listening daily to the language of our God who wants to change our deceived hearts?  "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!" (Jn. 16:33)

This summer began with the millennial flood which showed the growing capacity of love and care that the Church has for each other and all those around us.  It is vital in times of difficulty to believe by faith the Gospel of God’s grace and mercy and to pull together to help each other follow where our Servant Leader Jesus is taking us.

Bless you as we better learn to

Worship, Care and Serve,