A Continued Call to Prayer

Dear Family of Faith,

Here is a brief update on what is happening through my weekly call to Prayer.  In the one hour I set aside this week (which by the way turned into about ten hours) I was filled with joy at two realizations.  These both came to me through Pastor Scotty Smith who is preaching on prayer this coming Sunday at C3. 

The first realization was that the Lord Jesus Christ is right now (this very moment) at the Father’s right hand interceding for you and me… I need to let that soak in.   The God of the universe is praying for us even as we are praying to Him for direction and for what He wants us to ask Him to accomplish!  He orchestrates it all.  We have no fear in our praying and instead are liberated to pray freely as He leads. 

The second realization was that the Holy Spirit is who gives us those impulses to pray.  We have God the Holy Spirit as our guide and as He makes the Scriptures come alive and helps us believe the Gospel we enter into a powerful place… think of it, the God of the universe is both praying for us and at the same time teaching us what to pray.  How can we fail to fulfill our calling in Him with such a Sovereign Savior.

This week will be filled with a confidence and a power we have not experienced as we let these truths move and motivate us!  God is at work transforming lives through the work at C3 as we grow in a deeper understanding of what it means to Worship, Care and Serve.

All for His Glory,