A Continued Call to Prayer

Dear Family of Faith,

I have just returned from a weekend with my classmates from high school. We celebrated our fortieth year graduation anniversary with a reunion and party last Saturday night. Bloomfield Hills Andover High School is in Northwest Detroit, Michigan in a beautiful suburban setting. As you might remember, my testimony in the Gospel came to life there as Jesus saved me during those formative teenage years. My time of prayer this week has been consumed with the remembrances of those early days of faith. It seemed as if I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I met about the peace that comes from forgiveness and the joy of being reconciled to God and how wonderful it is to know you are going to heaven and on and on… I wonder if your story is like that?

My hope is that Jesus remains as beautiful and believable to you this week as He has been to me reminiscing with old friends and school mates laughing more than usual and feeling like this must be the same sense of reunion we will have in the New Heaven, New Earth and New City! For some of us the past has been harsh and better left forgotten, but in Jesus our past helps define the Grace and Mercy He has for us this present day. He has carried us to this day and will carry us into and through tomorrow. He is alive and because we are in union with Him we are alive as well. Do not give up the faith today, instead boldly ask Jesus what it is He is praying for you to ask Him to accomplish? Then rest in the answer.

I pray today, our faith is strengthened and as we learn to handle the pressure of the unknown we will continue to lean on Christ and His wisdom today and throughout the next season of life. Let Worship, Caring and Serving become our daily experience in Jesus as He leads us forward.

To Worship Care and Serve,