A Call to Prayer...continued

This week has been filled with the joy of understanding repentance in a new way.  The Bible Study in Daniel gives us a better picture of what it means to turn to God.  It isn’t just a mental or spiritual turning.  In fact it is best demonstrated by my seeking out the least and the lost.  This is profound.  My usual habit in repenting goes like this:  I am so sorry Lord for thinking or doing such and such, will you forgive me?  Thank you Jesus, Amen.  Then someone knocks on my door looking for a job.  My repentance is or is not real based on my actions towards my out-of-work neighbor.  Does any of this make sense to you?  I could be wrong but I might have been off base in my repenting for most of my Christian walk.


Today, I am seeking out my neighbor because I’ve got Good News.  Jesus is the only one who supplies our every need.  He is always taking care of us and He is using all of us in the process.  I might not have a job for my friend but I know the One who does.  I want to go on that journey with my neighbor not because it is my duty, but because repentance in my life is real.  My prayer life this week has gotten so exciting as I look for ways to repent for my stubborn, proud heart.  I want my sinful will to break over the needs of the oppressed.

Walk with me in this fresh understanding of the means of Grace in the life of our Church and pray that we steward our repentances for the good of the poor.  Jesus is transforming life in culture, creation and people all around us.  Stop for a minute and repent.  See you on the front lines.

Love to all,